How To Maintain Wood Windows And Doors

Wooden doors and windowsMaintaining wood windows and doors is am must thing. You need to have a periodic care and maintenance to keep intact the durability and beauty of the wooden windows. It is a pre requisite to maintain wood windows and doors to keep them properly functioning and continue its good looks. Maintenance of wood windows and doors also depends upon the type of finish your wood window and doors have.

What kind of finish your wood window and door has?

Here are the types of finishes wood doors and windows have through w3hich you can come to the conclusion how you are going to maintain your wood windows and doors.

In previous times, varnishes are the most common finish which was mainly used in the wet and humid coastal areas. Varnish is such a finish which if exposed to sun will result in becoming brittle and hard and this quality will stop it from moving along with the substrate and this will cause the coat to tear and crack. This will cause the water leakage problem which will cause flaking and pealing of the wooden window and door. Thus if you want to maintain your wood windows and doors, try to avoid this finish if you are not staying in a humid and wet area.

Recoating and removing wood which has already been sealed with varnish is really a difficult thing. Here in this situation, you are not needed to sand the entire window, you just need to check out by closing the window that which part of the window is exposed to outdoors and sand only that part of the window. Thus by doing so, you can easily maintain wood windows and doors.

Sealant is nothing but a simple preparation for trouble free maintenance and it is basically thinned down, oilier and solvent based varnish. Sealant is an easy option for sealing woods as it is simple to apply and trouble free to maintain. They are really very durable and they can last for as time span of 1 to 5 years depends upon the maintenance and the level of exposure to different surfaces.

For maintaining wood windows and doors with this kind of finish, you just need to care as bit. When the coating of door and window is dried out, you have to give your wooden window a little sand and in certain cases, you can totally forgo this step and wipe down your door or window with a simple cloth which is soaked in mineral turpentine. Thus you can maintain wood windows and doors by following this thing.

This is ancient and old method of sealing wood. For nourishing and maintaini9ng wood windows and doors, oils can be used. But, you should be aware that oils as a sealant is having short lipe span and it is not much durable. If it is not thinned down in a n appropriate manner then built up can happen and it can make the surface look ugly. Thus have proper knowledge regarding which kind of finish your doors and windows are having and make steps towards maintaining wood windows and doors.


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