How to repair Foam Roofing

Foam roof repairFoam roofing provides you with plenty of benefits not only to the home owners but also to the commercial building owners. Foam roofing is applied to the roof in the form of spray. One of the basic advantages of foam roofing system is that it provides good amount of insulation. It is helpful in summer as it keeps the hot air out of the house and cold air in the house. On the other side during winter it allows the hot air to remain in the house and restricts the cold to stay in the house. Thus it is very beneficial. It is also beneficial in the way that it let the unwanted roof leaks and damage stay away from roof which occurs due to rain and other weather elements. Foam naturally possesses the waterproofing properties and these properties get transferred when applied to the roof. Some of the other features of the foam roofing is that it is durable and light weighted. It is very long lasting but that does not mean that it cannot get damaged. Here are the steps to repair the damaged foam roof.

You need to purchase a foam repair kit which is available in any home improvement center. The tools and materials that come along the foam roof repair kit contains Gloves, cloth, nozzles, spray tips, foam, Bucket, soap and water. You need to take a look as to how many square feet is covered in the roof repair. If the repair consists of large area which needs patching then try to purchase the foam separately.

Climb to the surface of the roof with the help of your ladder. For proper safety while dealing with heights you should always take care. Get a family member or any friend around you for holing a ladder while you are on the ladder to climb the roof.

You can use water, mild soap and detergent to clean your roof surface. Damaged or cracked areas should be focused more. Then rinse the roof. Then the roof must be allowed to dry in the sunlight. More time may be given to dry the roof surface if the day is cloudy.

Now it’s the time to use the kit you purchased. Read all the instructions properly mentioned on the roof repair kit. Learn the proper way to use the spray nozzle and also be sure how the foam will be applied. Take care all the kits have differences so it would be advisable to know the exact requirements before starting up the repairs. Climb on the ladder to the roof and apply the foam to the damaged part of the roof. If vital smooth it out.

For at least 24 hours the foam repairs must be allowed to dry. If there is less sunlight the drying time can be increased.

It is necessary in any foam roof to roll on a foam roof sealant at least once in a year. This should also be done with your repair work. Thus also roll the foam roof sealant on your repair work.


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