How To Select a Shower Curtain

Shower CurtainShower curtains are used for making the bathroom look good and also for not letting water to escape the shower area. Generally, people do not give much thought about shower curtains until the time comes to buy one. Those who have large bathrooms, tend to have glass doors instead of shower curtains, they set little store by them. But in case of relatively simpler bathrooms, the shower curtains are considered very important because of the design factor. You would have to buy three things for setting up a shower curtain, the rod and rings on which you would hang the curtain, the shower curtain itself and the last but not the least, the Liner.

You must keep it in mind that for the purpose of making the whole set up look good, the shower curtain must be in keeping with the bathroom décor. There are a wide range of shower curtains available, depending on your budget. You can choose to customize your curtain if you’re working with an interior designer, but if your budget doesn’t permit you can always go for ready-made products. You will have to consider certain points before you make a purchase.

• Firstly, you should determine how much you’ll be spending.

• After that, you should take precise measurements of the area you’d require to place the curtain, the width and the length, you can use a tape measure for the job.

• Then, you would have to consider whether you want to keep your old bathroom theme or change it altogether.

• After you’ve made up your mind regarding the theme, you should consider the curtain material you want to buy, you should keep in mind that vinyl and plastic curtains can be cleaned more easily than textile materials, they need to be washed from time to time.

• The designs or patterns on the curtain you’d be buying must go with the bathroom theme and the bathroom accessories.

• If the curtain you’re buying is already waterproof then buying a liner is not strictly necessary but you should note that the waterproofing material may start losing its effectiveness after sometime which would leave the curtain open to damage. It is recommended that you buy a liner regardless. The size of the liner should be same as that of the curtain.

• You’d require a rod and rings to hang your curtain, make sure that the rod can withstand the weight of the curtain and the liner and also, it is compatible with the overall theme of your bathroom.

For making a shower curtain last long, they need to be cleaned properly and periodically, before any sign of damage appears, for then it’d be too late. You must never in any way let it come into contact with high temperature, particularly washing it in hot water or drying it by supplying heat to it is to be strictly avoided. Generally when a shower curtain starts showing signs of damage, any effort aimed at repairing it is usually futile, hence they need to be replaced. Thus you should take great care in choosing a shower curtain, keeping the aforementioned points in mind will surely help.

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