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5 Stylish Interior Wall Ideas

Interior Wall IdeasAre you bored of your blank walls and looking for an edgy décor to ensure a stylish interior? Well, your wall occupies quite a fair share of your room and if you can go right with the wall décor, 40 percent of your interior styling is done. There are varied creative effects by which you can render that desired zing appeal to your wall canvas.

Nice wallpapers

Wallpapers are excellent wall arts and are applicable for both small and large rooms. You will get a wide variety of wallpapers to complement your preferred décor theme or taste. However, just remember not to use wallpapers with big patterns or darker hues for the small rooms. On the other hand, light shaded wallpapers for the larger rooms.

Accent paints

Accent paints are another excellent option to pep up your walls. If you have a focal wall in your room, the accent paint would be the most befitting to distinct it from the rest of your walls. If it’s a bedroom, use crimson accent paint while blue would be great for the living. Use yellow accent for your dining while the charcoal grey accent would assure a subtle stylish edge for your contemporary drawing.

Graphical statement

This can be done by two contrasting shades coloring up your focal wall. Use a light base- say a sky blue or green- the base must not match with the tint on rest of the walls. Now, pick up a bold shade such as golden or silver. Use the bold shade sparing to create random splashes which altogether will create a smart graphical statement. Use the tip for either your drawing or living room.

Clustered effect

A clustered effect on your wall is an amazingly creative way to render a fantastic zing to the blank canvas. There are a wide variety of props that can be used for the cluster. The simplest prop is your framed photographs. If you have got a dark shade for your wall, go for black & white framed snaps. But if it’s a lighter tone, your colored pictures are great to create wonders. The other props are colorful hats or baskets.

Artsy objects

You can even deck up your walls with varied artsy objects. It could be framed papers or stylish wall-clocks or a beautiful large mirror. Get glass shelves on your wall and adorn them with art-pieces like little figurines and other show stuffs.

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Types of water purifier for home

water purifier for homeA water filter is a must have in every home. Being an easy solvent, water dissolves almost anything in contact with it, including the toxic pollutants and chemicals. Now, this toxic is a serious threat to health for anybody who consumes it. Thus, a water purifier is of utmost necessity to ensure that you are getting safe and filtered water. There are different types of water purifiers to choose from.

Activated carbon water purifiers

There are water filters which use the activated carbon water purifiers. When water gets passed over activated carbon layer, the contaminants get drawn to surface of your carbon filter. The lower is water flow, more effective would be the process of purification. The activated carbon water purifier would help to remove chlorine, organic compounds, pesticides & many manmade chemicals. The reduced chlorine level changes the odor and taste of the water. These filters do not need electricity for operation.

UV water purifiers

This is the most popular water purifier today. The UV based water purifiers count on the harsh ultra-violet rays to kill off all the harmful pollutants present in the water. In fact, it has been found that the UV water purifiers can destroy around 99.99 percent of harmful water-solvent organisms. In this case, the filter comes up with a lamp that creates the UV rays akin to sun beam. These purifiers would not alter chemical structure of the water & hence can’t be deployed in regions with bore-well or tube-well derived hard waters. The UV water purifiers are mostly suitable for soft water derived from lakes or rivers. These filters run on electricity & demand running water.

UV + activated carbon

It’s to mention here that the recent water purifier market is buzzing with mixed water filters which are a blend between UV water filter technology & the activated carbon purification.

Chemical based purifier

The UV based water purifier is definitely efficient but won’t befit in those areas which encounter frequent power cuts. In such a situation you can switch to chemical based purifiers as these don’t require electricity and employ chlorine tablets to help in water purification.

Reverse Osmosis

Then, you have the water purifiers based on reverse osmosis technology. These purifiers use a sort of semi-permeable membrane for water purification. The RO procedure can not only eliminate harmful chemicals and microbes but also enhances the odor and taste of the water.

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Installation of lighting fixtures in living room

Installation of lighting fixturesBig living rooms are a delight to decorate and furnish but can turn out to be extremely difficult to illuminate. You will find too many places that are shadowed and need to be lit. Poor lighting in a living room does not speak well of your sense of style as a homeowner and hence you must know how to illuminate it effectively.

Unlike kitchens and bedrooms, you can use all your creativity when buying lighting fixtures for a large living room. You will find a lot more space to work with. Try to go for fixtures that complement the colour of your living room walls and carpets. This works fine for your home decor and looks very comforting to the eyes too.

If you want all your lighting to be done perfectly in your living room, it is a must that you hire professional electricians. All the fixtures and wires should be handled by them. A room that supports a lot of electrical appliances such as TV, music systems, maybe a fridge too, a lot can go wrong if lighting work is done by amateurs. Professionals can furthermore help you by giving suggestions on what type of installations can lower your electricity bills, newest lighting trends, etc.

Two important factors that you should keep in mind when lighting your living room are:

a) Illuminate in layers: You must light your living room in layers. A very hard light from one source and a subtle one from another corner can have a harsh impact on the eyes. Try to balance all sources and layer them up so that no shadows in the room are heavy enough to be called very dark.

b) Mix and match your lighting: Go creative and buy different types of fixtures such as chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, light fixtures on the fan or just above the air conditioner. A look which offers variety, is attractive more often than not.

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Why Should You Invest in Water Filter?

Invest in Water FilterWater source in your family must be carefully looked after in order to have your family free from any kind of polluted water that can adversely affect their health. Water pollutants can come into the water and can affect the health of your loved ones. Therefore it is obvious to have water filtration system at your house so that you can stay healthy and fit.

You must have water filtered every time that you use it but it is very inconvenient to fix the system individually in your kitchen or bathroom. By just fixing it in your main plumbing system, the water that is supplied to the entire house gets filtered. You will be able to get clean and pollutant free water both within and outside your house.

The houses that are without water filters find it very difficult to wash their clothes without getting their fabric discolored or damaged. Fitting up a filtration system is a good way out for this. This can also help you to get rid of the chemicals that discolor your clothes and make them look dull and old. The water filter also helps you to make the water smooth on your skin and keeps it away from micro organisms. If the water is not filtered then it can make your skin rough, itchy and can smell bad. Healthy skin adds to your glamour. Filtration also provides you with safe drinking water. It also saves your money to buy filtered water from the market. All you need to do is open your tap to get fresh water. This can also keep you away from costly medical procedures and the health of your entire family is protected.

So therefore investing in a good and reliable water filter is a good home improvement tip.

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Importance of Improving Home Drainage System

Home Drainage SystemIf you have a small family, you need a beautiful home to spend 365 days with your sweetheart. You must be a responsible hubby to give food, shelter and security to your sexy fiancé. However, in case the environment inside the house is unfavorable to you, it is a bane for your family. Your personal life will be spoiled. Therefore, you must detoxify the environment of your apartment. However, you must not neglect the outdoor ambience. So, improve the sewerage system for the detoxification of environment. Your home must be a good place for living.

Protect Family by Improving Drainage System

Bad sewerage system is unhygienic to people. Water logged drains are odorous. Mosquitoes, critters, germs and bacteria grow in the stagnant water. When monsoon starts, dirty water enters into the house. Home owners have to face health hazards. There are many diseases which are contiguous. Water borne germs easily invade small children. Therefore to save family members from air contamination, diseases and infection, clean drains. You should call utility service providers to remove dirty water, plastic packets and mud from the drains. Your house must have outlets to flush out water. Water clearance process must be done systematically.

Home drainage system must be upgraded to make the environment clean with fresh air to inhale. Drains which are connected to your home must have vents, and pitches. Water, which flows through pipes, should not be blocked by wastage materials. You need to observe daily to find any defect or fissure in the pipes channelize water. When you install water pipes to clear water from the rooftop, you should use the gutters. Rain water should find the way to go outside the house. Gutters enhance the water flow running down the pipes to enter into the drains lying on the ground level. Downspout extension pipes let the stagnant water rush downward to meet the basement drains. You should do proper maintenance of the home sewerage systems.

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Benefits of having Wooden Flooring

Wooden FlooringWooden floors are very much in demand these days because of the number of benefits that it serves over other flooring materials. They might sound a bit odd but are very easy to install, cleaned and maintained over long periods of time. It is easily available and is renewable resource so it can be obtained without any impact on the environment. But sustainable felling of trees must be looked after.

It is very inexpensive and highly durable. There is a wide variety of wooden floorings available both in design and range. Fat pure wood might cost you a little more but it is assured that it will give your house an amazing look. It gives a historic look to your room and larger than carpeted rooms. Wooden floorings are also easy to fix. Carpets require installation, which means additional expenditure. It does not accumulate dust. So there is no question of allergies that are caused due to other flooring types.

On wooden floorings any kind of spills can be removed or wiped away easily without much effort which is very much suitable if you have kids at home or you often throw a party at your place. It does not require many abrasives to clean them up and keep them tidy. A daily mop is enough to keep then neat. They easily blend with any kind of house décor. It provides a solid base and foundation to your house which increases its value if you ever intend on selling away your house. Wooden floors help in illuminating the room and make it look brighter as it reflects the light coming in from the windows to the walls and ceilings. Scuffs can be removed easily with just one swipe of a mop. They also offer a smooth floor for gliding or moving your furniture to change the layout of your room.

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Decorating your home the oriental way

Decorating your homeAre you bored with the décor of your house and want to revamp it and give it a makeover? Well, home décor is crucial for enhancing the beauty and appeal of your home and when you decide to redo your décor you will have to make sure that you give it the best makeover possible. If you love all things oriental, then the Asian décor theme is just the prefect bet for you. A lot of people are of the opinion that Asian décor is very out-there and includes a lot of black and red accents, but the décor style has changed over the years and how oriental décor is more about subtlety.

As far as the Asian home décor goes, there is no rule of thumb that all the items that you use for decorating your home need to be oriental. Adding a hint of Asian will suffice and you can do so by having an Asian inspired platform bed in the bedroom or an Asian inspired futon. Bamboo plants are integral to Asian décor and you can have small bamboo plants inside the house. You can also buy pictures with Asian paintings on them to give your rooms a more polished look.

As for the colors that are predominantly used in Asian décor, soft and crisp colors are ruling the roost. So, you can take your pick from eggshell white, cornflower blue and sage green among others. If you are not a fan of soft hues and want to lend your home a dramatic look then you can opt for colors like red and dark blue. However, to heighten the elegance you can have walls in soft colors and use bright colored accents. For example peacock colored pillows against the eggshell white walls will be extremely attractive. Contrast and balance are key to Asian home décor.

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The many advantages of ceramic flooring

ceramic flooringCeramic flooring is one of the most sought after flooring options among smart home owners. The ceramic tiles for flooring carry a multitude of advantages that make it an ideal selection for flooring. Are you too contemplating about ceramic flooring and looking to know about the exact advantages? Well, the article here is a brief on the many benefits taking to ceramic flooring.

First of all ceramic tile is extremely durable. When it comes to your home you obviously want something that would be long-lasting for your family and ceramic flooring is a fantastic option here. The good bit is that if any of the tiles suffer a crack you can simply take it out and replace with a new one- you don’t have to reconstruct the entire flooring for one single piece.

Then, ceramic flooring always assures ease of maintenance. The ceramic tiles just need to be broomed and mopped regularly- count on Swiffer brooms & sponge mops here. Then, if you are planning to use ceramic tiles for your kitchen or bathroom (where splashes are common) make sure to get the tiles an effective grout backup which ensures good water resistance. It’s good to inform here that ceramic is considered to be a very hygienic material and hence these are good for bathrooms and kitchens.

Another great part about ceramic flooring is that these tiles are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns as well as finishes. Thus, here you always have the liberty to pick up a tile as per your specific theme of décor or favorite color. Finally, ceramic tiles are never heavy on your wallet. In fact, these tiles are the cheapest flooring option in the market in comparison to any other sort of flooring- and that too without compromising on the quality factor.

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Top Eco-friendly flooring options

Eco-friendly flooringAre you planning an eco-friendly flooring for your new home? Well, the conscious homeowners today prefer green flooring over the traditional flooring options with the mission to contribute their individual bit in saving the planet. The good news is that green flooring doesn’t need to dull & boring always- in fact there are many eco-friendly flooring options that ensure safety for the environment and also won’t make you compromise with the style quotient. The article here is a brief on some good green flooring choices.

First of all, you have bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring is the most potential choice when it comes to green flooring ideas since bamboo plants have a much faster re-growth rate in comparison to hardwood flooring. While the hardwood trees take nearly a couple of decades to regrow, it’s 2-3 years for the bamboo grass. Moreover, bamboo flooring is pretty stylish and easy to install as well.
Then you have the cork flooring. Cork is taken from cork oak bark and hence the entire tree isn’t chopped down here- the bark re grows within 3 years. Cork flooring is very durable as well and will last up till 3 decades. Moreover, the very flooring contains anti-microbial properties, easy on maintenance & works as good fire retardant & insect repellent.

Another good option here is glass tile flooring. It’s eco-friendly in the sense that glass flooring is made out of recycled beer and wine bottles. Many smart home owners are increasingly using beautiful glass tiles for their kitchen & bathroom flooring. The good bit is that glass tiles are available in wide assortment of shades, patterns & finishes-thus these would match up well with almost any design scheme. As glass tiles can reflect light, these help in creating an illusion of space inside a comparatively smaller area.

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Choosing the right shower curtains for your bathroom

shower curtainsA lot of homeowners do not pay a lot of attention to the décor of their bathroom while decorating their homes and revamping their appearance. However, you must need to understand that this is probably one of the most serious mistakes that homeowners commit while decorating their homes. You bathroom is an extension of the home itself and it has to be done as beautifully as the overall décor of the house. While decorating your bathroom and enhancing its appeal, there are a lot of elements that you will have to take into account and one of the most important things to be taken care of in case of bathroom décor are shower curtains.

Shower curtains do not merely block the water when you take your shower, they are the focal point of your bathroom décor and you must pay them the attention they deserve. As far as the shower curtains go it is advisable not to opt for the gender specific colors and patterns. So, try to avoid pink and blue when you go for shower curtain shopping and stick to the more neutral hues that are perceived well by both the genders. Solid colored shower curtains work the best but you must try and avoid loud colors like red. If you want to be a little experimental and unique then you can opt for black shower curtains in bold patterns. Shower curtains in soothing colors and floral themes are extremely popular and you can be rest assured that they will work wonderfully well in your bathroom.

If you are redoing the décor of your child’s bathroom then you can be a little more creative with the shower curtains. Try to get your kid involved in picking the theme of the shower curtain. You can choose for shower curtains themes that are either fun and playful or educational.