Saltbox Roofing

saltbox roofingConsidered to be the one of the oldest roof style which is used for constructing home in united states. This design is used extensively in colonial era. Saltbox roof is a kind of gable roof which has roof faces which are asymmetrical and this produces one façade which is two stories high and it is dropping to a single story and half on the opposite side of the building. The design and structure of saltbox roof is simple still it provides waterproofing and thermal insulation as compared to other roofs. But there is something which is problematic in saltbox roofing and that is the issue of attic space.

Saltbox was used in colonial times, thus these are the roofs which are of typical colonial style and prevalent in England and thus it was named as saltbox roofing. Generally a rectangular house was built and later on a rear was added to it. The second US president, john Adams spent his childhood in a house which was having saltbox roofing which was built around 1650. The addition of a shed to basic home of two stories is what made it a saltbox. The costing of saltbox roofing sets considering a lot of factors like quality of the materials you choose, type of material, size of the home and labor cost prevalent in that area.


By installing saltbox roofing, your house becomes visually very impressive. It creates an interesting effect on the mind of the viewer. It adds a traditional effect to your home. In other type of roofing you might not get this traditional impact. This is a quality which makes saltbox roofing different from other types of roofing. The attractive quality of saltbox roofing is its distinctive asymmetrical lines.

The most effective advantage of saltbox roofing is its ease in construction. Its designing is traditional and that gives advantage to saltbox roofing. It can also be built on an existing roof structure in a logical progression. Thus you need not to break up your old roof and then go for new one. It’s easier for you. The point of questioning is that whether the existing roof slope should be modified or not. Another point of question is that whether it can be continued at the same angle or not. Thus comparatively is easy and simple for you to construct without complexity and problems.

The saltbox roofing sheds away rain water. Because almost all the saltbox roofs have such a pitch which makes difficult for the rainwater to collect and create problems. Thus it keeps away the problem of roof leaks.

The insulation of saltbox roofing is very easy. This heating and cooling devices need not to be used extensively and energy savings can be done.


The attic space provided in saltbox roofing is less as compared to other roofing styles. This can be overcome if the if the original roofline is altered at the join point to get more space over the addition.


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