Tips To Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furnitureOutdoor furniture pieces are usually very hardy as these are meant to withstand the rough forces of extreme weather. However, you must know that the terrible weather conditions dirty your outdoor furnishing greatly, calling for a periodical cleaning. Besides, if you have got pets and kids at home, the outdoor furnishing is bound to be messy. Thus, you have to be really careful about a timely cleaning of the outdoor chairs & tables to ensure a spick & span patio.

Wrought iron or metal furniture

The wrought iron or metal furniture requires a very simple cleaning procedure. Prepare a mix of soapy lukewarm water in a bucket. Then, dampen a scrubbing brush with it & start rubbing on the table and chairs. In case you find some rusty patches during cleaning, use sand paper to rub off the rust. After a comprehensive soapy scrub, rinse up the metal pieces completely. As these dry up, apply primer & touch-up paint on the bare spots, left nude after the rust removal. This touch-up paint is an essential element here as it prevents the rusty patches from getting back on your furniture.

Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture looks the most elegant but also demands an elaborate cleaning procedure. Dusting is a mandatory and primary part of wooden furniture cleaning. So, start off with a soft clean scrub brush to dust off the loose dirt & debris from your outdoor timber table & chairs. Now, you will need a specially designed wood cleaner to carry on the further cleaning. Rub across the furniture pieces with the special cleaner and hose off with clean water after the rubbing-make sure there is no residue left. You have to put on rubber gloves while you are working with the wood cleaner agent. Otherwise you can also come up with a home-made solution. Make a mix of water (one quart), ammonia (1/4th cup), white vinegar (2 tablespoons) and dampen a scrub brush with it to clean up the furnishing.

The teak wood furniture would however require a different solution for home-made cleaner. You have to make a mix with laundry detergent (1/4th cup), bleach (1 quart) & 1 gallon water to scrub off the dirt from the teak furnishing. Before you scrub off, you must let the solution rest on the teak pieces for minimum 20 minutes. Use a soft-bristled brush for scrubbing and follow it up with a thorough rinse. However, you also have wood cleaning agents in the market specifically designed for teak furnishing.

Plastic furniture

Have you got plastic furnishing for your patio? Well, then, you have a really simple cleaning process here. Damp your cleaning sponge with baking soda and scrub off the dirt & debris from your plastic furnishing. Baking soda is a fantastic help here thanks to great abrasive nature that makes the cleaning easier. Post scrubbing, rinse off the plastic pieces properly.

If you are using fabric covers for your patio outdoor furniture, you should get a machine was for them every week.

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